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Great Comedy here in Jamaica

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Funny Video: Ity & Fancy Cat

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Jamaica Math Competition

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Math Competition in Jamaica

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Brief Presentation

Hello everybody, I’m Rolando Peralta, a communities specialist marketer from El Salvador, currently in charge of the company I co-found with Patricia Linares, CommunitiesDNA.

I’m an art student since 13 years old. I considere myself as a drawing artist, more than a painter, and with big interest in study skulpting.

In the mean time, I’m writing just business topics in our principal blog:  Please, feel free to pass by and leave a comment.

Bye for now!

Happy Birthday Erik Satie!!

As you would already know (and other who not yet), yesterday May 17th, was celebrated worldwide the 148th birthday of the great composer Erik Satie.

Wired gives us a great post about him and I’d like to share a couple of paragraphs:

Satie’s minimalist innovations and artistic experimentation can be found in the work of artists as different as Harold Budd, Mogwai and Frank Zappa. But the pianist ran with his own crowd of even bigger names, including Tristan Tzara, Jean Cocteau, Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque and many more. His left-field composition fit perfectly with the early 20th century’s burgeoining dada and avant-garde movements.

I remember the first time I heard Satie.  I was on a personal research (around 8 years ago) about Gustav Klimt, when I was an art student [I’m still one, but that’s another history], and this really good website had Gymnopedies #3, as background musick.  It was a really great experience, to know Klimt’s work with such an amazing "soundtrack".  Here you are that track:

I strongly recommend you to have a good book or online gallery of Klimt’s work with a whole Satie’s album.  You will enjoy that moment.

Another interesting part I liked from Wired’s post, was something that I didn’t know:

Like others in the dada movement, Satie also created early flirtations with multimedia, including Sports et divertissements, in which he provided piano accompaniment to the drawings of Charles Martin, or found sound, which he employed for his self-described "furniture music." He was one cool, experimental dude.


Zune v2 Software + Firmware: Loving it.

A couple of months ago, I bought my first Zune device (v1 because I loved the neon lights).  And when I was installing the software, it was impossible to me, not want to share the experience with you.

Although, I promise to give you a full review, all I want to show (by now), is in a ppt from screenshots of the installation process.  They’re from the last year, so, my apologies for the delay, but It was really impossible to me to write for pleasure in my blog, but I will try to make my best.

Here you are the slideshow:


Beautiful Sights from “La Ruta de las Flores” (The Route of the Flowers), El Salvador.

La Ruta de las Flores is a mountain range that includes 6 cities from Sonsonate to Apaneca (Ahuachapan), in the West of El Salvador.  The weather is really great up there and there are so many great restaurants with great food (and prices) and views next to the road.

You can see some pictures in the Photos section of this LiveSpace.


Happy St Valentine’s!

This is one of those days when you watch almost everybody with flowers, bears and candies in their hands.  It’s amazing how simple things, like a little cup with a "Hug me bear" can cause a smile to the buyer and receiver. How a flower makes a good day to a great day.  And how some of us, as always, forget to give something nice, a little detail, at least, to those people we care about.  As you can figure out, I was one of them. 

Note: you have to use Outlook for "every" kind of reminder!

Happy St Valentine’s Patricia!!!


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